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With different eyes

There are worlds whose invisible nuances are more significant than the evident.

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Visible, invisible

Triviality does not exist, except in some of man’s thoughts and actions. Everything is exceptional. Exploring the sensational reality of which we are a part, stretching over billions of light years, fascinates me more than anything else. Works of nature and human beings, seen with different eyes, prompt questions, a host of questions. And answers … threads of the invisible. The urge to explore and interpret the great reality, and capture inspiration in writing, has resulted in my artwork and my essay-like illustrated novel ‘Mai per caso’ (Never by chance), from the pages of which a question persistently emerges: ‘If I had a magic wand capable of fulfilling one single wish, what would that wish be?’ … in other words, what is it that matters the most in life? The ultimate goal? I cannot think of a more reasonable answer than that which dwells in the threads of the invisible… seen with different eyes.
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(Eugenio Tocchet)

Universal, sensational

My artwork pries into nature, human beings and the universal context where everything manifests itself with mystery and allure. A sensational, often undetectable reality that transcends even the most vivid imagination. Research and interpretation are at the origin of my digital fine-art photographs, which are accurately printed in 11 colours on cotton canvas or special paper using durable pigments. NFT certified on request.

Vendita quadri contemporanei di Eugenio Tocchet - titolo del quadro: In volo
Vendita quadri contemporanei di Eugenio Tocchet - titolo del quadro: Yellowstone
Vendita quadri contemporanei di Eugenio Tocchet - titolo del quadro: L'identità

Printed on canvas or paper

My modern photos are printed on Premium Satin cotton canvas or 320 gr UltraSmoot Prof paper, and can be made to your specific design and size.

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Threads of the invisible

Critique by Antonella Oliana

Docente storia dell'arte - autrice critica quadri moderni e astratti di Eugenio Tocchet

Antonella Oliana, lecturer in the History of Art

The ever-changing light with its reflections and shimmering hues, is the primary inspiration for Eugenio Tocchet’s artistic sensitivity. It is the recurring yet varying theme of his visions, and of his eagerness to capture nature beyond its merely objective reality.
Light and the many expressive possibilities of colour, including the allure of chromatic contrasts and harmony, are the foundations of original expressive and technical research that does not preclude, in fact embraces, the essential nature of black and white.

A fluid, changeable, dynamic universe thriving on shimmering reflections becomes the privileged subject of powerful prints that are only apparently abstract, in which what is micro takes on the significance of what is macro, and images transform into perceptive sensations that flow freely from one point of the surface to another.
This is how reflections in the water, simple drops or airy bubbles capture the space of fine art that the author describes as ‘paintings done with a camera’; without resorting to digital manipulation, these fine-art prints are photos printed on canvas or paper, sometimes treated with a special protective resin.
This unique, painstaking process creates glimpses of a changing reality in which images emerge suspended between the visible and invisible, the tangible and transcendent, the finite and infinite. Through the selection of evocative details, a drinking cup, a plastic bottle, a rusty sheet of metal or a piece of broken glass become milestones of a meaningful story, invisible at a passing glance, evocative of a different dimension.
Eugenio Tocchet’s viewpoint is inspired by curiosity, intrigued by the world and its multi-faceted reality, keen to capture the flow of shapes with the aid of instantaneous means, a glance that is charmed by the seduction of colours and their multiple expressive possibilities.
Photographic interpretation thus becomes a tool for achieving visual results similar to the effects of informal painting.
Painting is transformed into photography: the choice of pure, bright colours and lines that move like gentle waves from one end of the space to the other, produces unreal images, manifestations distinguished by bodiless rhythms and movements.
The power of colour leads us into an abstract, limitless dimension.
The result is a captivating journey, inside and outside reality, built on corresponding spatial rhythms and the brightness of colours; from the chromatic manifestation of the immaterial – with the wavy movement of the lines and the floating of the shapes – to the enlarged details of nature that capture its beauty and perfection. These photo-paintings explore the tiniest details of the pistil of a flower, the veins of a leaf, the kernels of an ear of corn.
It is a journey between micro and macro, physical and bodiless visions, chromatic movements and evocative signs. It invites us to dwell on things to grasp their hidden facets, to read between the lines of reality and see beyond appearances, and look with different eyes, those of thoughts and imagination.
Eugenio Tocchet is attracted by the unreachable universe of visual sensations and their inner reflection, he perceives the moods of the earth and the lightness of the air, is enchanted by the transparencies and depths of the sky, senses the poetry of water flowing and changing endlessly, second after second.
Of this ever-changing universe he grasps the deep significance of its dynamism and energy, captures the echoes of the absolute and essence while turning his eyes to details without losing sight of the whole picture.
The result is artwork in which colours are seen as the total experience of the imagination and the light becomes the iridescent trail of infinite vibrations, threads of the invisible.

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“Mai per caso” il mio romanzo illustrato che ha ispirato i quadri

Mai per caso
Triviality does not exist, except in some of man’s thoughts and actions. Everything is exceptional.
We fantasise, act and attain results according to our behaviour and surrounding environment.
Our lives will turn out well or badly.
And in the end … Mai per caso >>>
(Eugenio Tocchet)

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Two photos of Ayers Rock, the giant monolith in the heart of the Australian outback, and several more scattered on the desk; emotions and memories of my numerous journeys across five continents; the inquisitive look of my two dogs, Pedro and Artù, and a question that kept creeping into my mind …indelibly: “If I had a magic wand capable of fulfilling one single wish, what would that wish be?”. At first it seemed just a game, however engaging. Then, with every tentative answer, the fear of getting it wrong had me holding my breath and thoughts. Finding an answer had become really tricky! The photos scattered on the desk were telling of the world, the works of humans and nature, fears, and dreams, both fulfilled and yet to be fulfilled. Could the answer lie with them? Could the answer be prompted by new questions triggered by the initial one? Suddenly it all became clear: the initial question would not find an answer if I hadn’t first answered the many queries triggered by it as in a chain reaction. The game had become a challenge, its significance vital. There could not be an answer unless humanity, its achievements and failures, nature, the universe, life and death were explored.